Fence Cleaning

If you’re unsure how to clean a fence, fence care may be frustrating. Let us get started.


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A number of reasons why you’ll need to clean your vinyl fence would be: dirt and/or grass in the earth gathering on the fence because of cutting the grass, leaves or other debris following a thunderstorm and seldom; you’ll see a sort of chalk build up develop on elements of the vinyl fence. As explained below, these reasons are minor and are often cleaned.

Most vinyl fences may be cleaned very easily just by spraying the fence down with a water hose; yet, if there are a few tough spots a water hose will not take care of, just follow the process below as well as your fence will appear brand new every single time you clean it!

To get ready for cleaning a vinyl fence, you may wish to choose if you are planning to work with a bucket of soapy water or a vinyl cleaning solution (can be bought at the local hardware store) or a mixture of both. You may wish to fill the bucket with water to your desired number and blend an environmentally safe cleaning solution in the pail, in the event you are utilizing a bucket of soapy water. (HINT: If it is environmentally safe,… It’s vinyl fence safe)

All you must do now is get your soft cloth rag wet through the water in the pail and wipe down the areas of the fence that desire wiped down once you have your bucket of soapy water. Simply spray the sections of the fence that want cleaned if you are employing a spray bottle of vinyl cleaning solution and wipe with a dry soft cloth rag. Rinse it off using a water hose, when you’re finished cleaning a region of the fence and let it air dry.

IN CASE you own a cedar fence, you can see that it’s going to begin to turn a grayish colour or the paint/stain will begin to reduce its brightness and regardless of what type of wood fence you’ve, you might see a mould start to develop on the fence. This section of the article will explain the best way to take care of these problems and get your wood fence looking new again!

If you chose to make use of plastic sheeting to secure your grass, prior to starting any cleaning, you may desire to lay that about the floor underneath the fence. (Using plastic sheeting will protect your grass from any dangerous chemicals that might take the cleaning solutions).

Everything you are going to want to do is permit it to soak in until you detect the fence has become brighter and/or clean and implement the cleaning solution. You will then need to spray the fence off with a water hose (use a power washer for removing old paint or tough stains – make sure power washer is on the widest spray setting and held about 12 inches away from fence).

After the fence has been cleaned and sprayed off you may wish to enable it to air dry. Repeat the above mentioned process if it still needs cleaning in a few areas after it dries. You are able to apply a strain after the fence is clean and dry. (Should you not wish to stain a specific color, you need to use a wood sealant to make sure that the fence can look new for a long time). NOTE: DO NOT USE PAINT ON YOUR OWN WOOD FENCE, INSTEAD MAKE USE OF A STAIN.

Correctly use the strain and allow the stain to dry. Your wood fence should appear beautiful and brand new. If you use this method at least every 3 – 5 years, your wood fence will appear amazing and brand new to get a long time!